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Records Management Training

The documents and records of companies and organizations are crucial to the conduct of business of the company. These documents should be organized, indexed and stored for easy retrieval and access of company personnel who need the vital information found in these documents in the course of their work and in dealing with the company clients.

  • IMSI conducts an in-house training that aims to provide participants with the knowledge and tools for a systematic and efficient records management system. Based on client needs, it can be tailored for either a three-day program or an extended three-month program that includes a coaching component.

Organizing Personal Collections

Personal records are important for the information that they provide about families and traditions. They help retain and pass down memories to future generations. Personal papers can be rich sources of information and families should be encouraged to care for their unique historical items so they are not lost to time.

  • IMSI organizes the client’s personal archives, i.e. writings, speeches, and other intellectual works. Based on client preference, a manual or electronic database is provided for easy access and retrieval of items in the collection.

Setting Up Digital Libraries

Institutions, NGOs and companies espousing an advocacy may be interested to set up a collection of digital works on a specific theme so that they are readily available for use. This digital library brings together research materials from various sources and is organized to provide instant access to users and researchers via electronic/digital means.

  • IMSI assists the client in identifying and presenting these needed resources by providing the following services: research, editing and preparation of data, digital organization and accessibility of data by users.

Digitization of Resources

Institutions and companies that have special collections may be interested to digitize them as an outreach project so they can be shared with researchers and the community. Among the most valuable types of materials are special collections of rare books, manuscripts, musical scores and performances, photographs and graphic materials, and moving images. Digitizing these primary source materials that are fragile and unique would allow access to historical materials not otherwise available.

  • IMSI provides services in the physical preparation of materials and indexing of digitized works prior to publication for access

Technical Services

Organization of library and institutional resources in various formats

  • IMSI provides descriptive and subject cataloging of resources for an index to the collection in both print and electronic form in order to facilitate access. This will likewise help in the inventory of the collection.

Abstracting and Indexing of Company and/or Legal Records

Company and original legal records do not contain every-name indexes, thus indexes are of immense help in locating individuals within records.

  • IMSI will abstract and index company and court records, particularly names of individuals (officers, members, personnel) who have been connected with the agency/institution.

Establishing Archives

Archives are the permanently valuable records created by a person, organization or institution. Archival records preserve a sense of history and establish corporate memory; provide vital materials for the preparation of publications; can assist the institution with preparations for major events and anniversaries and mounting of exhibits; help establish good community relationships.

  • IMSI will identify archival materials and records of the institution and organize these records and prepare finding guides to the contents of the archives.

Organizing Seminars, Conferences, Fora

Seminars and conferences provide opportunities for continuing professional education of librarians and the upgrading of library skills of library staff.

  • IMSI will select relevant topics focused on selected themes, identify the experts to serve as resource persons and arrange the activities/venue.

Packaging Educational Tours

Travel to historical and cultural heritage sites supplemented by fora/discussions on issues of relevant interest.

  • IMSI will schedule regular tours twice a year (May and November) to Philippine or ASEAN destinations. Specific destinations and details will be posted on the IMSI website.

Mounting Exhibits

  • IMSI will provide subject research for clients’ themes and help in the conceptualization and mounting of displays.

Consultancy on Collection Development

  • IMSI will help select and build core collections that support curricular programs or needs of libraries (e.g. schools, colleges, business organizations, etc.)

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